XI International Conference of Association for Dance Movement Therapy “Dance of generations: 25 years of DMT in Russia”| June 17-20 2021


Dear friends, colleagues, members, partners of Dance Movement Therapy Association (Russia), and everyone interested in Dance Movement Therapy and fascinated by the healing power of movement and dance.

We are happy to announce that 2021 is the 25th anniversary of Dance Movement Therapy in Russia — it’s been 25 years since the establishment of the Dance Movement Therapy Association and Professional  DMT Training Program at The Institute of Practical Psychology and Psychoanalysis.

We extend to you an invitation to this conference — a place for celebration, reviewing progress,  learning from DMT professionals, meeting colleagues and like-minded people. We acknowledge and appreciate the intimate human coexistence, sense of breath, the significance of touch and hugs — as the simplest kind of human contact, as a beautiful path from one heart to another. These days, when many of us have moved to the inauthentic zone of online communication, it is especially important for us to have the conference in-person and meet everyone in real life – dancing with many generations of Dance-Movement Therapists.

We invite you to this retreat that will take place in a cozy and beautiful space near Moscow. There will be plenty of opportunities for each of the participants to be genuinely present, dance with each other, have vital conversations, and celebrate this anniversary together. It will be a place to recharge, gain resources, resilience, creative inspiration, the joy of silent moments, and an opportunity to connect with all the colours of nature and the warmth of the sun. Our profession requires not only giving and putting effort but also rejuvenating, nurturing, and restoring.

We invite you to share this time with us  — you can choose to join us either in-person or virtually, whatever would be most convenient for you.

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