The dance of breath flowing through the screen, near far near (Polyvagal informed DMT and the role of the witness on line during the pandemic time)

In this presentation I will introduce some concepts related to polyvagal informed DMT ,inspired to the work of Amber Gray, Restorative Psychotherapy combined with Expressive psychotherapy — Imaginative approach — Authentic Movement

I will refer to the importance of promoting an embodied presence when fear and anxiety are inside us by offering specific body movement experiences (Gray, 2017) capable of restoring a sense of unity and security in ourselves (Porges, 2011). to feel safe again and regain some sense of balance. Laban (1960), Bartenieff (1980) and Kestenberg (1999) help us to discern the qualitative aspects of movements, based on different gradients of body energy, distributed and regulated in all body parts by the flow of movements. Following their principles, we can perceive our own body and listening to our movements, in order to promote ways for restoring basic safety states. (Gray, 2017)

I will focus on how self-regulation processes consist of focusing on body awareness, on breathing, on sensing our body weight, on grounding, on perceiving our kinesphere and our personal space, on feeling the expansion of the space itself, the qualities of movements, their energy and their colors.

I will address how an Authentic Movement attitude, (Adler, Chodorow, in Pallaro, 1999), works supporting a compassionate witness which help in becoming aware of our movement and inner sensation images thoughts and emotions, tracking movement and inner experiences.

The speaker is Роза Мария Говони / Rosa Maria Govoni (Италия)